This Spring marks four years of doing events with Sephora in West Edmonton Mall.  I have learned so much from the beauty gurus and have become a loyal purchaser of some of these products over and over again since I first learned about them at one of our events.  (Join us January 29th!)

1 | Orgasm by NARS –  “makes cheeks blush a perfect pinky-peach flush and subtly highlights with accents of golden shimmer. The perennially pleasing, universally flattering shade is again and again a makeup artist and beauty editor favorite.”  I first learned of this blush at our very first event in March 2008 and have been using this blush ever since (it lasts years).  $29 Cdn

2 | Dry shampoo – Every mom needs a good dry shampoo.  Let’s face it, you cannot (nor should you) wash your hair every day.  When you are in between washes, a dry shampoo allows you to refresh your style and remove oils.  Sephora carries a few dry shampoos – their bestseller is the Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible (spray) $12 Cdn small bottle.  I recommend trying out the smaller size first, as I have tried and disliked several dry shampoos.  My favourite, Stila powder can no longer be purchased at Sephora, but I have seen it at select Shoppers Drug Marts that carry the Stila brand.

3 | Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals – A sceptic at first, when the ladies showed us this product I thought ‘no way is this a mom-solution (you know, fresh in five minutes or less?)’ but I tried it anyway.  That was four years ago and I still love the stuff.  It’s makeup so pure you can sleep in it.  I recommend buying the Get Started kit because it comes with an instructional DVD. $76 and worth every penny.

4 | Clarisonic – a facial brush that makes you feel like you just had a facial every time you wash your face.  This is a pricey purchase, but there is also the Olay facial brush available at Wal-mart and Superstore for a fraction of the cost ($35-ish).  I recall learning about the Clarisonic at our first Skin Care focused Sephora event in the Winter of 2010 and several moms purchased the product and swear it’s a game-changer. “This is simply the best investment I have ever made for my skin. I noticed a difference in 3 days! LOVE it.” – says JackieQ on the Sephora website. $129 Mia $225 Original

Come check out Sephora for your self!   Our private event, so that you can enjoy the knowledgable staff and beautiful space in quiet, includes scrumptious nibbles and bubbly to drink too!  We have the experts present their top sellers in skin care and beauty at this event!

Join us.  January 29 5.30-7.30pm

Limited Time special – Buy One, Get One – simply put your pal’s name in the comments section of the registration form!  That’s only six bucks each!  Register Now.


it’s a date

I’ve done several posts on date-night.  We’ve covered why date-nights are important, how to find a babysitter, budget options and even what to talk about on said date-night.  Last week I came across this article via Twitter, and it made me realize that although we (my husband and I) often talk about our goals, our dreams, what our next home could look like or where it may be, we rarely cover topics like what our favourite word might be, or what personality trait we like most about ourselves and others.

This past Saturday night, as we had our much-anticipated, over-night, date-night; and we sat in a lounge with not a kid in site, I pulled out this list:

1. What trait of yours do you most appreciate, and why?

2. What trait do you wish you could change?

3. What trait do you most admire in others?

4. What is your idea of a perfect day?

5. What is your biggest dream?

6. What do you most dislike?

7. What is your favorite word, and why did you choose it?

8. Do you believe in God?

9. Do you believe in heaven? If yes, how do you describe it?

10. What person or persons have inspired you, and what about them inspired you?

We laughed a lot, and the waitress even contributed her favourite word: erroneous.  This kept us chatting for much longer than even I suspected it would.

Thanks to this list, I also have many more spin-off questions I want to bring up next time we get the chance!

Happy date-night!

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

five things

The start of a New Year means fresh starts, new beginnings, the overwhelming need to give ourselves another chance at the success of something!  Go, be you!

Some cool family fun around Edmonton this weekend!:

1 |  Metropolis Festival – Running every weekend through the Family Day weekend in mid-February. The upper interior space of the sculptural forms will feature an artistic, multi-media light and sound show utilizing 21 st century new media. A variety of activities including winter food, music, live entertainment and interactive exhibits.  Metropolis Edmonton at  Churchill Square.

2 | Local Farmers Markets are happening throughout our cold-weather season:  City Market (City Hall) and Old Strathcona both happen Saturday.

3 | The NEW Discoveryland Gallery is a strategic integration of fine and gross motor activities exploring the arts, sciences and humanities at The TELUS World of Science. It supports children’s socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development allowing each child to interact at her or his own pace, inclination, and personal learning preference, supporting the greatest potential for playful learning.  For children 8 and under: Tot Galaxy, Infant Care Room, Sky High, Cloud Burst & Blue Sky.  Telus World of Science

4 |  Style & More guide:  Have you ever checked out Child Mode?  It’s a very cool blog/online magazine with a ton of mom-friendly inside information on style, travel, shopping and more!  Plus, she’s a Canadian Mom!

5 | We are hiring a sales superstar for Urban Infant!  You are savvy, mobile and love sales. You want an opportunity that’s flexible, work from home and part-time.  It’s 25-35 hours per week, and it has unlimited potential, selling into Urban Infant and Be Fabulous! publications.  Contact us for more details today.

If you’re entrepreneurial and want to own your own business, and perhaps bring your child ‘to work with you’, working from home – look no further.  We are selling the SW and the NE/Sherwood Park Modern Mama licenses.  Modern Mama offers mom-focused events that play up mom interests and also offer nanny service to help moms get out of the house but stay connected to their baby.  Spa dates & pedicures, art gallery walks and new-mom breakfasts; combine that with infant & child CPR workshops as well as events to introduce local moms to babysitters, tons of great product giveaways and special events and you’ve got an entirely new type of modern, mom-focused, moms group.
Please contact connie@modernmama.ca for details today.

Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

best of pinterest

Have you heard?  I know, I may have mentioned it a few times already, but I think Pinterest happens to be the neatest thing since, well, sliced bread, perhaps?  It’s an online catalog of things you love – images of them.  Someone on Twitter called it “a way for women to make their own online magazine of all the things they like”.  Great description!

I’ve been pinning at my account for a while, but I also started up an Urban Infant collection, and some of our very favourite things relating to pregnancy through preschool in style, can be found there.

Check out some of my faves here ….

1 | This image of ‘You Are My Sunshine’.  I would so hang this in my home!

2 | 20 Questions with your child – ‘love this idea!  I am going to start it with Ivy’s 3rd birthday next month!

3 | Mommy calling cards.  Get them on Etsy $28

4 | A Favourite Things Party – you share an inexpensive ‘favourite thing’ with some closest pals!  What a brilliant way to share a ladies night out!

5 | Wooden (homemade) peg superhero dolls.  So adorable!  Learn how here.

Pinterest inspires creativity, cooking, photography, fashion, beauty, interior design, and so much more!  Check out the Urban Infant boards with everything Pregnancy through Preschool In Style, we have pregnancy (tons of shower ideas, maternity photography, recommended reading, cool announcements and more!), baby, tot & kid, and so much more inspiration curated to share!

new year five things

As we close off the year (and look excitedly toward a new one) I wanted to come up with a way to summarize the year, or like last year, share my top ten (which haven’t really changed too much), or maybe even share my New Year’s Resolution’s with you (great ideas here from Today’s Parent magazine).  However, I’m struggling to be inspired at this very [sniffly, sneezing and groggy] moment, so I’ll share the top five posts from Modern Mama Musings (in terms of views) to sum up the year, 2011:

1 | Alberta’s Best Mama Bloggers | I loved doing this.  Seeing and reading about our best bloggers around the Province (according to your nominations and votes) was ultimately cool.  Our winners are rockin’ moms!

2 | Holiday Hitlist | Christmas wouldn’t be complete with lots of great local items to purchase, charities and more, all featured in our Holiday Hitlest guide from Mamapalooza.  (Thanks to Kjristen!)

3 | How to find a Babysitter | pretty much sums it up!

4 | Date-night Conversation Starters |  There were other posts alongside this theme, like Date Nights and Why Date-night?, I found it so interested how much feedback I received about fitting in date-nights, not knowing what to talk about!  Don’t underestimate the importance of good one-on-one time with  your spouse, regardless of whether it’s OUT of the house or not!

5 | Surviving Toddlerhood | Ivy (my youngest daughter) turns three in February, and I will mourn the toddler years.  I think?  (many, including myself, say that THREE is worse than TWO years old!) PLUS – check out a nutritionist’s take on our family nutrition and Ivy’s milk guzzling in the January issue of Today’s Parent magazine (page 60!).

Happy New Year Mamas!!  Please share and tell your mama friends about Modern Mama (we are expanding and searching for entrepreneurial moms across Canada!  Know of a mom wishing to start a business and work from home around her child’s schedule?  Send her our way!  connie@modernmama.ca for details!)

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five things

Well, it’s Christmas weekend!  What are your favourite things about Christmas?

I asked on Twitter too, and got a couple of great responses, including “Traditions, any tradition that we develop as a family has a tendency to bring tears to my eyes.” by @lilahbility which I thought was so great!

And @intellidancing suggested my five things be the ways to enjoy family this weekend, which were:

1 | Time.

2 | Peace.

3 | Laughter.

4 | Food.

5 | Love.

Enjoy your Holidays, enjoy your family and thank you for supporting Modern Mama this year!   Big hugs and greetings to our team, Sajida, Josline, Erin, Kjristen and Angie, all of our Perks Partners, sponsors, venues and supporters, and to you, our readers and moms and members!  Merry Christmas!

ropes quest

Just in case you didn’t know what to get your hubby, his buddy and your brother and brother-in-law …. this could be the perfect gift!

Take a dive into adventure and challenge yourself on a three-level ropes course! While harnessed in, climb along a sea of beams and ropes all the way to the top to conquer this obstacle course. This amazing attraction is located in Phase III, beside World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall!

Malltip has an amazing deal on this unique attraction this week making it the perfect stocking stuffer!  One admission for $5.00 (retail – $9.95) and because it doesn’t expire until March 15, 2012, you have plenty of time to make use of this fun.

*Dedicated from our sponsor